The Last Drakkar

If The Last Drakkar tool is breaking rights CAS system producers, please let us know we will remove it.
Please contact on .

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When using the program you find any irregularities, errors or have any ideas to improve the work program to be more user friendly, please write on forum or to e-mail -

...DOWNLOAD STABLE... v2.2.3 build 608 - password: - 28.08.2014 - mirror

release - what was changed between revisions

...DOWNLOAD BETA... v2.2.4 build 625 - password: - 30.07.2015 - mirror

What was changed from stable version:

- Fixed bug - error show on start when operating system has specific language like chinese

- Fixed bug - new LD beta version was found on start in window was wrong infomation that new stable version was found

- Added chinese language

- Added slovak language

- Added nagra3 check card to check 4xx version of ROM 180 cards in phoenix mode - thx to atari@

- Fixed hex to ansi converter in calc tab, if hex has bytes lower than 31 and higher than 128 then was problem with showing all strings now its replaced with '?' char

- Fixed some irdeto3 hybrid issues like , added checksum to dec serial, fixed length of hex serial and fixed in file 2 and 3 read

- Added bulgarian lanugauge thx to @tedy58

- Added recognition nano 41,43,44,BA,AF in viaccess EMM thx to @Pr2

- Fixed some burte force issues,

- Fixed conax save to file function

- Added Verimatrix support change version to x.x.4.x:

* Added connection in phoenix reader mode

* Added read serial, CAID, Vesion etc..

* Added support for Verimatrix in send tab

* Added save info to file for verimatrix

* Added keep correct len to data for Verimatrix in BruteF tab

If you want add your language to LD, download this file and translate whatever you want from language files except L1 and L2 column, and send it to thelastdrakkarpublic email address



Faq - Logging EmmEcm - ENG

Faq - How to Change Logs from Bin to Txt - ENG

Faq - How to Update smart cards Viaccess Conax etc - ENG

Faq - How to update your smart card by the receiver reader and The Last Drakkar tool - ENG

Faq - Logging update our receivers by The Last Drakkar tool - ENG


Faq - Logowanie EmmEcm - PL

Faq - Jak Obrobić Logi z Bin do Txt - PL

Faq - Aktualizacja kart Viaccess Orange TPSA.pdf - PL - update 31.07.2013

Faq - Aktualizacja kart przy użyciu tunera na Linuxie i programu The Last Drakkar - PL

Faq - Logowanie aktualizacji oprogramowania naszych tunerów programem The Last Drakkar - PL

Greek - thx to jor@

Faq - Logging EmmEcm - GRK

Faq - How to Change Logs from Bin to Txt - GRK

Faq - How to Update smart cards Viaccess Conax etc - GRK

Faq - How to update your smart card by the receiver reader and The Last Drakkar tool - GRK

Faq - Logging update our receivers by The Last Drakkar tool - GRK

We are not responsible for any damage using the program !

The tool is completely legal !

It has no features to break any of the coding systems !

This project started in March 2012. We worked every day after work, during work, at night and in the weekends, we have devoted a lot of time invested , buy all sorts of electronics, card readers, tuners, subscriptions etc.

Everything is done to make the appropriate tests.

The program supports coding systems as:








Small Manual


- Read
read info from the card's
- Extra Info
it depend of system , more info from the card's
- Send
manual send cmd's , direct send etc
- Calc
many calculator's hex/dec/bin/date/xor/atr etc etc
- RSA calc
rsa calculator
info about emm/ecm
- PreToPost
converting emm/ecm from pre cam to post cam
- Invert
inverting data , cleaning etc
- Bombing
send random or not emm/ecm to card's
- Bin to Txt
converting emm/ecm from bin file to txt with different header, sorting by header or UA/SA, deduplication , search in file , copy in pre cam & post cam format
- Brute Force
play with cmd's
- Loger
based on dvbsnoop , for logging emm/ecm
- LogerHardware
for logging comunication
- Donate
If you think that we made a good job ... donate is your free choice
- About
thx to ...

btw if someone dont know for what is this ... this tool is a multireader of many code system using Phoenix Reader, PCSC Reader or SCI Reader inside Enigma2 Linux Receiver

tested on ..


A.0 (DNASP400 Rev401)
A.0 (DNASP400 RevI41)
A.0 (DNASP400 RevI4A)
A.0 (DNASP402 RevL00)





Irdeto :

ACS 1.2
ACS 1.9
ACS 3.82
ACS 3.83
ACS 3.84
ACS 4.1
ACS 5.0
ACS 6.0

Irdeto3 & Hybrid:

ACS 5.0
ACS 6.0 / CryptoWorks


Bios 02v54
Bios 03v47
Bios 05v65
Bios 06vA0


DNASP102 Rev105
DNASP102 Rev107
DNASPS01 Dsh606
DNASPS02 Dsh809
DNASP142 RevG02
DNASP180 Mer000
DNASP180 MerJ00 (DNASP401 RevJ00)

Nagra 1 not supported